What I do

–I am a coach.  I work with creative people at pivotal points in their lives.  Life is absurd.  Change is constant.  I attract clients who want to take stock, change direction or start again in some way.  Some people are facing health challenges.  Meetings are face to face or via online video.   I tailor a coaching programs as unique as you. 

My background is food, nutrition and education.  I am a writer and an aromatherapy practitioner.  I have worked in performance and events around the world.  Nothing is impossible.  Depending on your needs, we may combine hands-on activity sessions with more conventional talking therapy.  I work with only a handful of coaching clients at any one time.  Contact me for availability.

Writing is my other love.  I sometimes ghostwrite for exceptional people who want their own story to shine.

Everyone is on a unique journey.   The best journeys lead to places we were not expecting – often better places than we dared to dream.

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“When your determination changes, everything begins to move in the direction you desire”

– Daisaku Ikeda

Why I do it

The sky fell in for me a dozen years ago.

It took a few years of searching and travelling – before I found my true path of writing and coaching.  I recognised that my training in food, education and aromatherapy were precious and worth sharing.  I trained to be a teacher and a coach.

I have lived with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 9 which helps me support clients with long term health conditions.  I have also worked in the entertainment industry and understand the challenges faced by many creatives.

Always a wordsmith, I use my passion for writing to edit, ghostwrite and proofread professional profiles and resumes.  In my spare time, I write a regular blog on here and LinkedIn.


I met Kate at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic and she has been crucial to my lock-down survival. We started working together and she helped me keeping on track with my personal and career related goals.

I would recommend Kate to all of you currently struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Kate is great at illuminating the path when you cannot see it yourself.

Francesca C. Milan