I was going to write a post about time.  About a dandelion clock and a dragonfly.  And then this weird thing happened.. so I had to tell you. 

10 years ago, I was managing a project within a film company in north London.  At that time, I bought my first ever pair of real designer sunglasses.  Ray Bans.  That same year my eyes started to get tired and I was prescribed prescription lenses for driving and distance.  I had the prescription put into these beautiful new sunglasses.

Shortly afterwards, one evening after work, the team and I went out for a meal.  I left the office wearing my sunnies and when I got back to the hotel, the glasses had disappeared.  Lost somewhere in the middle of London.  I knew I’d never see them again.  I remember thinking that if anyone picked them up, they would probably throw them away because they had my prescription in the lenses which meant few people would be able to see clearly through them.

I never replaced them.  My life continued on a different path and priorities changed.  For years I was not in a position to spend money on expensive sunglasses even if I’d wanted to.

At the weekend, I was at my mum’s – she still lives in the house where I grew up.  It is a farm.  There are outbuildings filled with things that have been left behind over the centuries.  Buckets, churns, troughs – that kind of thing.  Gradually we are sorting through them.

After the morning’s sorting  I was just watching a dragonfly hovering over a dandelion on Saturday afternoon when mum said:

– “look what I’ve just found in the shed.  I don’t know where they’ve come from.  Do you want them?”

And then an extraordinary thing happened.

Mum handed me a glasses case.  Inside I found an almost brand new pair of real Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses.  My own Ray-Bans were a slightly different shape but very similar.   I put them on.  They have the same lovely dark green Ray-Ban tint. 

And, guess what: these foundling sunglasses have vari-focal prescription lenses in them.  Exactly the prescription that I now have.  A different prescription to the one I had 10 years ago.   I can see perfectly.   Incredible.


I guess this piece is about time too.    Time and vision.