Every time we overcome a problem, we reach a new understanding of our inner strength.

Many people will face a time when the pressure mounts beyond what they feel able to handle.  Maybe thinking they do not have the strength to carry on. Perhaps getting over one big obstacle only to find another bigger one waiting.  

Some of us endure one loss after another, wondering when we will get a break from life’s challenges. It feels like life keeps throwing trouble our way when we have already given our all.

At times like these, it is okay to stop and take stock. Stand still. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Let go of judgement, shame and blame.

Reflect on how many trials and problems you have already overcome, often to your own surprise. In each of those tough times you had to break through your preconceived limitations and go deeper into your hidden reserves.

It might seem you climb one mountain in life and then you have to climb another. That is absolutely true. That is life. You might even fall off the mountain, hurt yourself and need to recover before starting again. However good at climbing you are, there will be unexpected challenges. Every time you climb to new mountain heights, you reach new depths of inner strength.

And if you find yourself completely stuck, the kindest choice might be to rest inside the self-imposed ring-fence of resistance for a while. Simply accept you are overwhelmed, exhausted, and stretched and offer yourself loving kindness. When you fall off a mountain, it can take time to heal. At times like these, it is okay to ask for help.

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